HFAA Welcomes New Superintendent, Taylor C. Stanton


Harding Fine Arts Academy School Board is excited to announce and welcome its new Superintendent, Taylor C. Stanton.

Mr. Stanton grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. He obtained a Bachelor’s of Music Education from Southeast Missouri State University, where we played saxophone and percussion. After graduating he moved to Phoenix, Arizona to start his career with various K-12 schools and he earned his Master’s of Educational Leadership from Arizona State University.

Throughout his career Mr. Stanton has worked as a teacher, grant program coordinator, activities and music director, curriculum advisor, and principal for a K-12 school. In addition to his many career accomplishments, Mr. Stanton successfully established an arts council in Maricopa bringing together several communities to appreciate and celebrate art.

One of his goals next year is to authentically connect with the students and their families, and be visible in the community. “The Superintendent shouldn’t be scary and shouldn’t be someone you speak to only when you are in trouble. I want to be different from the administrators I grew up with. I want to be active and engaged in the campus community.” he said.

His personal mission is to ensure all students can experience and be impacted by the arts just as he did. Mr. Stanton often shares his success in school is solely due to his drama and music teachers who taught him discipline, grit and resiliency. “I was just an average student. They are the reason I stayed in school.” These are all characteristics he hopes to instill in every student at Harding Fine Arts.

Mr. Stanton is also committed to ensuring all faculty and staff have the training and resources necessary to be successful. “I want them to be successful; to always be better. I want them to have the freedom to take risks with new programs or ideas. I also want to encourage them to grow daily. And it’s okay if they outgrow us. That means we did our job as administrators.”

His best piece of advice for aspiring teachers and administrators is to always approach a conversation or situation with empathy, because we are living in a post-pandemic world. He also encourages students to seek out internships and “real-world” experiences so that they can hone their interests and passions.

Mr. Stanton is also the proud owner of Welsh Corgi named Newt Scamander and a cat named William Charles IV, and a Slytherin. In his free time he enjoys being outdoors and taking mini-roadtrips.


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