2020-2021 Donor Honor Roll

Thank you to all of our generous donors for their contributions.
We could not do this without you.

Superintendent’s Circle

Kirkpatrick Foundation

Principal’s Circle

Jackie Danker
Gene Rainbolt

Valedictorian Circle

Ad Astra Foundation
E. L. and Thelma Gaylord Foundation
Love Meyer Family Foundation
Tres Jolie

Salutatorian Circle

Express Employment Professionals
Gene Melton
The Unbreakable Boy LLC

Scholar Circle

Dr. Joy Reed Belt
Sally Bentley ’64
Teresa Cooper
Doug G. Eason ’69
Susan and Jay Gabbard
Jean and Walt Hendrickson
Cliff and Leslie Hudson
Jean I. Everest Foundation
Kadence International
Stephen R. Leopold ’62
John Dexter Marble
Carol McPheeters ’63
The Mockingbird Foundation
Kenyon Morgan ’64
Brooke and Mike Murphy ‘63
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Dana and Steve Orwig
Pomp & Pageantry
Dr. Sherry Rowan
Smith & Pickel Construction
Beth and James Tolbert
Vox Audio Visual
Bronda and Tyson Williams
Jennie and Ken Woodrum

Firehawk Circle

Kaye Adams ’63
Traci Adkins
Nancy Price Alexander
Paul Alexander ’64
American Fidelity Corporation
Tammy Anderson
Carter W. Anderson ’15
Nancy and Bob Anthony
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Baker
Dr. Barbara K. Baker ’69 and Susan Foster ’64
Joe Baker ’64 and Linda Baker
Richard A. Bard ’64
Gail Beals
Rob and Sarah Bell
Foster Biggers
Carol Blakey ’66
Bill Bonnell ’59
Cheryl and Peter Borelli
Peggy and Steve Brinson
Randy and Susan Brown
Shawntal Brown
Brown’s Bakery, Inc.
Rebecca Burgett ’66
William and Michelle Calvo
Keith Campbell
Jean Artman Campbell
Diana Chacon
Jeff Chapin
Chip Clark
Kathryn Coats
Jennifer Coleman ’68
Randy and Melinda Compton
Jennifer Congdon
Councilperson James Cooper
Lester and Camisa Cummings
Laronda Delong
Dawna Dhaenens
Don’t Tell Dena Band
Bill Doty ’62
Roger L. Edwards ’63
Carl and Susan Edwards
Liz Eickman-Quinn
Cole Essary
Linda Evans ’61
Michael Evans
Taffy Fellingham ’63
Elizabeth Fitzgerald
Bob Garnett ’59
Dottie Garrett
Mark and Julia Gillett
Jeff Glasgow
Justin Goodin
Nicole Gorter
Ceclilia Allen Gosting ’64
Heather Graham
Wilda Lynette Elliott Haider
Dominic Hannah ’09
Alexa Harding
Harris Foundation, Inc.
Rick Harvey
Lawrence and Shari Hawkins
TR Hileman
Margaret Patzer Holdridge
Asher Holloman
Tara Hood
Megan Hornbeek Allen
Robert G. Horner ’63
Kent Hutchens
Laurie Mccann Hyde ’63
Rindy Hyde
Misty Jaggers
Selden and Ruth Jones
Steve Kelley
Beth Kelly
Phil Kernan Jr. ’64
William H. Lamb
Linda Lee
Linda and Lance Lightner
Kirsten and Will Lindsay
Carol Lindsey-Zike
William Lisk
Ember Lively
Carolyn Lohr
Jackie D. Manning
Robert and Marty Margo
Andrea Maw
Susan and Doug McFarlane
Sue and Mike Mckenrick
Shannon Mckenrick
Ronald and Crystal Mckenrick
David and Ellen Morgan
Michael Myers
Diana Ogle
Oklahoma City University
Peyton Osborne ’65 and Susie Osborne
Jordan Pennon ’11
Helen Perry ’60
Chelsea Phillips ’14
James Pickel
D. Ray Polk ’69
Robert Power
Mary Prosser Flaim
Claire Ramberg
Rappenecker Family
Steven Ritzwoller ’61
John Ross
Cheryl Rothrock
Rosemary Royston
Cathy Rudder ’63
Carrie and Jesse Sauer
Austin Schoenfeldt
Jared Seitz
Raye Shilen
Amanda Skluzacek
Allen Smith
Russ Ann and Weston Solomon
Bob and Pam Spinks
John H. Stallings ’58
Laurie and John Stansbury
Carolyn Crowe Swanson ’61
Jennifer Teel
Joann Torres
Carla Tourtellotte ’62
Pam Troup
Vivian Je’Nell Tyson ’15
Chuck and Susan Vose
Rosalynn Wade
HannahLu Watson
Doris White Lehman
Judy Wilmoth
JoAnn Wilson ’61
John Yoeckel
Larry Zahn

In Tribute

Tribute gifts are a wonderful way to honor or remember someone close to you while also supporting Harding Fine Arts Academy Foundation.

Carter W. Anderson ’15 in memory of Bevin Coker
Richard A. Bard ’64 in honor of Kay Morgan
Gail Beals in honor of Kelley Barnes
Lester and Camisa Cummings in honor of William Connor Lange
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gillett in honor of Aanika J. Gillett
Wilda Lynette Elliott Haider in memory of Jo Lynn Birkhead
Stephen R. Leopold ’62 in memory of Richard Ladd ’62
Gene Melton in memory of David N. Carter