Message from the Superintendent – December 2022

Message from Superintendent

Dear Alumni and Friends:

As the new leader at Harding Fine Arts Academy, I think it is important to spend a good portion of my time thinking about, talking about, and acting on culture and climate. If you’ve picked up a newspaper, turned on the TV, or have been on social media recently you know that the pandemic has turned the education sector upside down and we see our educators fleeing in droves.

At the beginning of this year, the School Board and I pledged to make sure that all staff at HFAA are taken care of in all ways possible. Last week, we gave the first round of retention bonuses to our staff, with another round planned for the spring.

We are also conducting retention interviews, so we can determine staff’s individual wants and needs. Through these interviews a common trend has emerged – our staff loves the students and they feel the most successful when students are successful!

I am so thankful to be working with this dedicated group of professionals who’s top priority is high-quality education. Our staff are irreplaceable and we will continue to work daily on creating a welcoming and encouraging school environment.

Happy Holidays

Taylor C. Stanton


Harding Fine Arts Academy


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